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Ambunu is an old tradition from Africa, back in the day women used to wash their scalp with it and at the same time use it to detangle their hair.

It is actually very slippery and can be used as a natural conditioner.

This plant contains saponin which gives it it’s ability to cleanse and it is an effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and an emollient.

To use Ambunu

Mix it with hot water, let it sit for 15/20min then sieve out the particulars and put it on your hair to detangle and define curls rinse it off or leave it on.

It makes your hair softer and adds a beautiful sheen to it.

It gives you strong thicker hair, prevents dry scalp and lessens your hair loss.

1kg 8000

100gram #2500

Wholesale of 100gram 9000 for dozen

Available in 50kg too 08032957916


100g is 2500
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